Flatearth New Zealand Experiences www.flatearth.co.nz organize customized regional tours from Wellington. Two tours - Middle Earth in Wellington and Middle Earth Deluxe Tour - visit Fernside Gardens which was transformed into Lothorien and featured in the classic scenes such as that in which Sméagol fought Deagol at the beginning of Return Of The King. Prices are available from Flatearth and bookings can be made by calling +64 4 977 5805 or emailing tours@flatearth.co.nz.

Red Carpet Movie Tours www.redcarpet-tours.com organize national tours which visit Fernside Gardens. Photographs on the White Bridge of Lothorien are a popular highlight of these tours. Prices are available from Red Carpet Tours and bookings can be made by calling +64 9 410 6561 or emailing info@redcarpet-tours.com .